The Glitter Dick!
The Glitter Dick!
The Glitter Dick!
The Glitter Dick!

The Glitter Dick!

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?Glitter. The dandruff of god’s pubic hair.

The cruel reminder of crafternoons spent with your old flame.

Ethereal spittle from just the tip of the last unicorn.

Due to a surprise outbreak of glitterrorism across the interwebs, we’ve dusted off the Defibrillators and resERECTed the one and only glitterdick. The latest incarnation cums across the face of the Beeber dick like a bit of starlight slipping over a stand of red alders. Keep in mind, the Glitterdick is our smallest dick; the actual shaft size just shy of 5 inches, but remember, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the balls on that dog!

This veritable Dinkerbell specializes in ambush. Rest assured that the glitterdick constantly sheds its own skin, thereby guaranteeing a puddle of glittery discharge all over the recipient’s shitty IKEA couch.

We’ve even included a?custom note card for free!!?


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